Maintenance and Service

One of TORQ Packaging business segments is service & maintenance of packaging machines.

The permanent use of such machines requires regular maintenance, wear parts continuously have to be replaced by spare parts in order to maintain the operational readiness of your machines.

Regular maintenance of CAPPING and RINSING machines pays down!

Regular service & maintenance intervals assure a high availability of our machines.

TORQ offers maintenance contracts for a single machine or your complete machinery. On your request for a quote, you will receive a detailed offer based on your specific needs.

Spare Parts

If you are not able to provide the necessary spare parts Torq will deliver them or try to order them for you.

As it might be difficult or sometimes even impossible to provide special spare parts for older machines, it is recommendable to care for a reserve in due time. Do not hesitate to contact Torq in a personal talk, or visit to your plant, we will be able to find a quick solution for your machinery problem.

Capping heads, bottle changeovers, chucks, caps sorters, chutes, rinsing machines parts as pincers, pads, distribution, filters, conveyors and more, Torq will be able to supply a lot of new spare parts, overhauled parts and also revisioned machines.