TorQ is an Italian company specializing in the design and construction of cappers and rinsers.
All TorQ machines are designed according to the following characteristics:

  • simple and sturdy mechanical structures with the highest quality, off the shelf, components;
  • Clean and accurate capping performance;
  • Hygienic design;
  • Modular and flexible design with quick and repeatable change over features;
  • Advanced electronics for the handling of special closuresThe TorQ team has over 20 years of wide-ranging experience, with hundreds of installations worldwide in the pharma , chemical , food and personal care industries.

The great strength of TorQ is also to be able to customize their machines according to the needs of their customers and adapting to these needs without sacrificing the excellent quality / price ratio.
The series TR and TM are also available as a turret version to be inserted in the monoblock fillers; in this case TorQ is able to adapt to the demands of manufactures.
Assistance and spare parts service is guaranteed worldwide , as TorQ uses a global network of technicians and agents who are able to assist very quickly.