The filler of the LF series are In-line machine measuring the liquid by means of inductive of mass-flowmeters with recipe based control system for accurate and repeatable filling of both large and small volumes.
Depending on the product to be filled, the machines can be supplied with a gravity or pressurized tank and volumetric or centrifugal pump with PID control.
LF series machines are available also as filler-capper monoblocks and can be equipped with:

  • Servo-driven timing screw;
  • Bottom Filling system with diving nozzles;
  • CIP – SIP cleaning system;
  • Laminar flow enclosure with Hepa filters;

The machine is controlled by means of a state of the art HMI with internal diagnostic and faultfinding procedures including a remote service link via Ethernet or GSM modem.
LF series machines can be configured for production speed up to 100 bpm.