The TM series of cappers have been designed to deal with all types of closures: pressure, aluminium screw caps, pre-threaded, oriented, dispenser and trigger at low, medium and high production.

Thanks to their strong metal structure, these machines are suitable for use in different sectors of the food industry, respecting the need for cleaning (FDA certification), ease of use, resistance and flexibility.

The TM series is suitable for smaller production runs and provides the operator with ease of use combined with the most advanced technology.

All our machines offer great flexibility, each head has a rotation parameter, torsional strength, the height of the container is easily configurable and allows the end user to change the various settings, closing time and / or container without requiring important investments.

The EVO capping series is the right solution for the most complex types of closures and applications that require a high degree of flexibility. Each capping head is commanded by an independent servomotor that can orient asymmetric caps, apply precise torque force or rotate the cap by a pre-set number of revolutions or degrees of rotation.

Torq can customize its machines as per the needs and demands of its clients, always guaranteeing the highest level of construction quality.

The most recent products from the company also include pump and trigger applications. Two capping stations can be installed on the same base to reduce format changeover time.